Dear Chris,

Mark and I want to thank you for helping us sell our home. Over the years, we have bought and sold a number of homes in different states, and we can say without question this experience has been one of the best we have ever had. Listing our home, showing it, and going through the process of negotiating a sale and transfering ownership was practically effortless. You handled everything with amazing effciency and speed! We are convinced your careful and knowledgeable management of our property is what sold it quickly.

Leaving our home in your in your competent hands as we moved out of state was the best secision we could have made. You arranged for everything necessary to present our property in excellent shape and provided oversight over the entire process to make sure things were done correctly. Because of your attention to detail and exceptional understanding of the negotiation process, communication between the buyers and us was efficient, reasonable, and smooth. Your contemporary marketing tatics, along with your unique knowledge of Corrales and its community were what we believe to be some of the most important elements in successfully selling our home. And on top of all that, you are a truly nice person!

We will always remember your caring and capable service. The Corrales community is lucky that your brokerage is located right in the center of town. We hope everyone buying or selling a house in the area gets a chance to work with you, because frankly, we think you're the best real estate broker and agent around.

Mark and Christine Whitaker  

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